Sunday, January 20, 2013


These senior pictures happened on the last weekend with pretty fall foliage.
We got really lucky with beautiful light, leaves and sky, but boy was it cold.
Katie was tough since she was the one in a skirt.
She is so pretty.
I have the pleasure of working with her in Young Womens as well. 
This was just a great photo shoot!
Her mom was a saint too - she watched my kids during the shoot.

Baby E

The word is out that I am a photographer.
I was given the oportunity to take pictures of this new edition, E, and his family.
Only a week old and already so handsome
The weather was cold so we shot indoors.
First shot and so relaxed.
Already pulling faces.
A lovely growing family.

Monday, June 18, 2012

The W family

I have started experimenting with some locations and poses.
This location was not so different,
but the areas of the park I used were different from any other time I've shot there. 

I am using different techniques in post production as well.
It's different from my usual aesthetic and I'm liking it.

Reinvention is good every once in a while.

This family was fun to shoot.
I've watched this little guy grow up.
Although he wasn't too excited about me taking his picture.
He's still cute.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Butterflies Mostly

Obviously one of my obsessions.
I am happier with the images this time.
Perhaps because they are more recent.

Or because of my new lens.

This first image is outside of the butterfly house in the open.

 I should win a prize.  I found the ladybug in a butterfly house. 
There should be a prize for that.

Coastal Scenes

Minimal results.
The weather was not cooperating. 
Drizzling rain, colder temperatures, and a brief period of hail. 
Thank goodness for my polarizer.
It took some gloom out of our day at the beach.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

R* Family 2012

I had fun with this one. 
New location.  (Thanks to Mike & Kristin for the directions.)
New lense.
New poses, for me anyway.